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Reclaim your wild. Where adventure ignites and memories are made.

Start your journey with Siren's Call Travel Agency

Ditch the Planning, Embrace the Adventure

Ditch the endless planning! Let me, your personal travel agent, navigate your wanderlust adventure. No more wrangling flights, hotels, or activities alone. Together, we'll craft a custom journey: conquer national parks, experience the hugged Highlands of Scotland, or marvel at the Aurora Borealis in Iceland – you dream it, I make it happen. Relax, soak in the magic, while I handle the logistics.

Craving a unique escape? Ditch generic itineraries. I tailor your trip to your passions, pace, and budget. Hidden gems and local experiences are my specialty. From sunrise hikes to cowboy cookouts, my expertise paints your adventure with unforgettable brushstrokes. So, dust off your boots, grab your wanderlust, and let's explore the natural wonders of the world, your way, with your expert travel agent guiding the way!

The Process

Step 1

Schedule your consultation and let's chat and see if we're a perfect travel-planning match!

Step 2

I craft your perfect itinerary, complete with hidden gems!

Step 3

Secure your spot with a deposit and get ready for epic adventures!

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Escape the ordinary, let's craft your dream escape.

Unwind and let your travel dreams unfold with a dedicated travel agent by your side. My meticulously crafted curated road trips, designed by me, match your unique preferences to the tee. No detail escapes my attention, ensuring an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind adventure tailored just for you.

Need booking and reservations made simple? Relax and let me handle everything. Flights, accommodations, tours, activities – I meticulously manage all the logistics, leaving you with a seamless, stress-free journey from the moment you dream of a destination to the moment you return.

For an elevated travel experience I provide concierge level service. I anticipate your needs, offer personalized recommendations, and available around-the-clock to ensure your trip is extraordinary. Whether you seek customized adventures, effortless bookings, or exceptional service, I'm here to make your travel dreams a reality.

From Bandages to Backpacks: Your Adventure Travel Agent!

My name is Siobhan Reeser

I wasn't always crafting dream vacations. My adrenaline rush came from the fast-paced world of emergency medicine. But then, tiny humans entered the scene, and my priorities shifted. Now, I trade bandages for backpacks, fueled by a passion for exploring the world, especially the breathtaking natural wonders.


But my journey wasn't just a career change; it was a metamorphosis. Those EMT days honed my ability to make quick, effective decisions under pressure – perfect for navigating the sometimes chaotic world of travel planning.

And as a seasoned toddler wrangler, I'm a master of organization and resourcefulness. No tantrum, logistical hurdle, or jet lag can faze me. So, whether you're a family seeking adventure, a couple craving romance, or a solo explorer ready to conquer the world, I'm your gal.


I'm not just a travel agent; I'm your adventure architect. I'll listen to your dreams, translate them into reality, and handle the nitty-gritty so you can focus on making memories.

Think of me as your travel BFF – the one who:

  • Reads minds (almost): Tell me your travel dreams, and I'll curate the perfect trip, tailored to your interests and budget.

  • Sweat the small stuff: You focus on relaxation, while I handle every detail, from hidden gem discoveries to seamless bookings.

  • Keeps it real: No sugarcoating here! I give you honest advice and insider tips based on my own travel experiences.


Ready to trade your worries for wanderlust? Let's explore!


P.S. I'm also an aspiring novelist, fueled by my love for stories and a healthy dose of caffeine. So, if you see me typing away in a coffee shop, feel free to say hi!

curated road trips

Curated Road Trips

Exceeding Expectations

concierge level service

Concierge Level Service

Personalized Approach

booking & reservations

Booking & Reservations

Everything You Need

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